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Welcome To Alobria Systems

Founded in 2002, Alobria Systems creates, enhances or replaces Enterprise IT applications and legacy software systems which help businesses run smoother, faster and better. Our methodology, honed and perfected over the years, can deliver your application on-time and on-budget, while being flexible enough to adapt to your changing business environment.

Web Applications

If you need to build a data-intensive application that does more than act as a brochure site, call us.  We have built many hi-traffic, fully functional sites that get the job done!

Windows Applications

If your application is too complicated to run in a browser, requires the speed of a locally executed application, or must run while offline, we can build an application for your business environment (including Windows 8) that will be fast enough to satisfy your users, but also easily managed and upgraded.

Project Restarts

Given our experience and ability to deliver on-time and on-budget, we are often called by clients when their existing outsourced development team have failed to deliver on their promises, or who have vanished and will not/cannot complete the project. We call it “Project Restart”.


When your software needs modernized, we enhance or rebuild your  application to take advantage of modern technology while you continue to use your existing application – No down time, no stress, you never need to shut down your existing application. Our CEO Brad Irby literally wrote the book on Reengineering!

Who Is Alobria Systems

Our focus is on Enterprise based clients that include household and worldwide names like General Electric, Bank of America, Adidas, EVB and many more.
Our development team creates new, or enhance existing, business applications that help companies run smoother, faster and better. We often step in where existing development teams have let clients down or where clients need their existing application replaced or upgraded via out reengineering service.
  • Constant Feedback so you’re always in in the loop
  • Your most important features, with the greatest impact, are delivered first
  • Ongoing enhancements, introducing features that each add maximum value
We will deliver on-time and on-budget. We will create a robust project plan and provide constant feedback to keep you in the loop at all times when relevant.

Technologies We Use In Our Projects

IIS 95
SQL 85
App Development 75

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