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Brad Irby headshotBrad is an accomplished software architect and team lead, having designed and built many projects over his 20 year professional history. He has built websites for Adidas, Kashi, and Gap, as well as internal applications for Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and many other smaller companies. He has the experience to bring projects in on time and on budget.

Brad specializes in Software Reengineering and Software Migration – injecting quality and stability into existing legacy systems. He has converted many applications from VB6, ASP Classic, and .NET 1.1 into more modern applications with current architecture and the latest quality approaches. He is adept at updating applications without having to shut them down. Using his custom reengineering process, old applications can be updated while continuing to release new features.

It’s not often the case when someone says “I could have wrote the book on that” that they actually have. Brad is the author of Reengineering .NET, published by Addison Wesley.

Brad is a co-organizer and board member of the San Francisco .NET user group, and frequent speaker on technical software topics throughout the US. The group are focused on software development in Microsoft .NET technologies.

Brad and his co-organizer are responsible for all aspects of group management, including scheduling speakers, growing group membership, and managing relationships with Microsoft and other partners.