With the fast pace of change in the technology world, it’s easy to drown in the news about the latest cool gadget. The prevailing knowledge for a while has been “mobile first”, or even “mobile only”, implying the small screen is the only one that’s important anymore.

Paul Adams recently published an article concerning this very topic, basically making the argument not to forget the big screen.  He has hit the nail on the head.  The focus of development for new software has been ignoring the desktop and laptop computers for too long.  Yes, I have my phone with me constantly, and yes I use it to browse.  However, I do not use it when I need to be productive.  Small screens are convenient for catching up with friends while waiting for the bus, looking for an Uber ride, or getting a map.  If I have to do any kind of data entry, though, I’m heading to the office.

There is a place for business apps on smaller screens – dashboard displays or quick notifications that something important has happened.  But, in your rush to stay relevant in this ever-changing technical world, don’t forget the desktop.