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Our Custom Software Upgrade Methodology

Updating existing software requires a different process than creating something new.  Care must be taken not to disrupt the existing infrastructure, while still making the improvements necessary to move the project forward.  It is rare that an existing, functional system can be taken down for an extended period of time so it can be upgraded.  The business doesn’t stop just because the technology has gotten old.

At Alobria, we specialize in updating existing applications in-place.  Our tested methodology can incrementally improve an existing system, with infrastructure improvements paced to match the existing release schedule, without ever having to take the system down.  Feature development can continue at its normal pace, while we simultaneously improve the underlying technology.

If you’re in a fast-paced business that won’t survive without a key system, but that key system is technically archaic and requires a refresh fast, we can help!

Why Choose Us?

We have our own custom process for upgrading existing software, honed over multiple clients and projects.
You don’t have to shut down your existing system.  With the proper procedure, you can keep your SLA promises and still update older technology.
All projects managed by the author of the definitive book on Reengineering Existing Systems: “Reengineering .NET“.  Check out the book now! 

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