Our development philosophy is driven by three main points:

  • Constant Feedback
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Iterations

In today’s fast-paced world, the needs of the business can change quickly and frequently. From an application development standpoint frequent changes can cause projects to extend past their deadlines and consume more resources than budgeted. To combat the constant pressures we like to meet with our project managers daily for a quick check in to make sure all is still on track. Then either weekly or bi-weekly, we have a longer meeting where we present the progress made, discuss any problems that have been encountered, and estimate how far we are into the budget. Such frequent meetings ensures your business can be as agile as it needs to be, and that we are always working on the most important part of the application.

A main point of our project planning for any application is to define the smallest set of features that would have to be available to launch the new application. This is called the Minimum Viable Product, and it drives all of our efforts through the first main deliverable. The number one goal of any project we work on is to deliver the MVP as quickly as possible to ensure that, come launch date, there is something available and sufficiently functional to launch.

After completing the MVP, we then iterate through the feature list adding functionality until you decide there are no more features that produce a high enough ROI to be worth implementing. Note that the application can be released at any time after the MVP is finished, and in fact different version are often launched throughout this process. With this approach the decision of when to launch stops being a technical question, and instead becomes a marketing question.