Strong Project Management is Essential

The process starts with a meeting with a Technical Project Manager (TPM) to discuss the strategic goals the application is to achieve. Your TPM will be assigned to your project from beginning to end so you will always know who to contact.

You and your TPM will jointly develop a full requirements definition that meets your approval before any work begins. This document contains a discussion of the Business Vision, the Product Vision, all Functional Specifications, and all wireframe screen designs that are necessary to completely describe the project. Only when we fully understand your goals will we begin to build it, which saves you time and money by avoiding aggravating and time-consuming rework.

Great Communication Brings it All Together

Keeping you in the loop on your projects progress is one of our top concerns. Your project is very important and you want to keep tabs on how it’s going. Throughout your project we will have regularly scheduled progress meetings to review progress, demo the work done to date, and answer any questions you may have. You will always be informed on where we are, what we’re doing, and how things are going.

Fast, High Quality Engineering and Design

Once the plan is approved, our design, engineering, and quality teams begin the process of building the system. Throughout the development process, you will be in touch with your TPM for frequent updates and feedback.

Throughout the process our engineers build automated tests that ensure the functional quality of all components that go into your system. Our QA team are involved from the outset, testing features as they are introduced. Having all teams working as a unit means much less rework and bug fixing, which gives you a high quality product, on time and on budget.

Measurable Deliverables

For small projects that can be delivered in a few months, we will create a timeline with milestones that can be measured and checked off throughout the project. You will always know where we stand and what we are working on.
For larger projects, we break each project up into distinct pieces which can be described in detail and delivered within a few months.

Final System Delivery – Your Way

Once development is completed to your satisfaction, you have the choice of installing and maintaining it yourself, or letting us host it for you. If you would rather take control of the system using your internal infrastructure we will provide full documentation and any consulting time necessary to ensure a successful handoff.
If you would rather outsource implementation and hosting, we can take the system the last mile for you and make it available to your customers, fully implemented and ready to go.