Need a Little More Information on How we do Things?

We focus exclusively on Microsoft technologies. We are a Microsoft Partner providing custom development services for Windows, IIS, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Though each application is different and we customize the stack we use to suit your needs, our typical application is based on a javascript/ajax/HTML front end (including single-page js applications where appropriate), C# or VB.Net in ASP MVC and WCF on the server side, and MS SQL for persistence.

In the following sections, you will find the technical details on how we operate and our development philosophies. If you have any questions on any technical issues, please contact us.

In today’s world of so many technical options, it pays to pick one and go deep.

We specialize in Microsoft technology due to its stability, structure, ease-of-use, and development speed. By focusing on Microsoft technologies, it enables us to partner closely with Microsoft to get early access to the latest technology.

The advantages of using Microsoft technologies are:

  • Tight integration with all aspects of your system provides stability and security. There is no question of whether the separate components that make up an application will work together because they are all made by the same company.
  • Microsoft provides an integrated development environment, Visual Studio, which provides access to all application layers. Using a single tool means the job of developing the logic and user interface goes faster!
  • The advanced functionality available out-of-the-box from the Microsoft .NET framework means we can enable your applications with that same functionality, but without having to build it ourselves. If we don’t have to build it, you don’t have to pay for it.
  • A huge secondary market of tools that are available for the platform means faster development and a richer final application – all at a lower cost.

Designing an application to last 10 months is different than designing one to last 10 years.

Our system architects have designed enterprise systems meant to be expanded and enhanced for many years to come. They are well-versed in modern architectural concepts like Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Design Patterns, Unit Tests vs. Integration Tests, and Mocking.

When evaluating other solution providers, ask them what these terms mean. If they don’t know, double your budget for version 2 of your product because enhancements will be expensive!

We have experience with all of these advanced concepts and tools, and build them into each system:

  • Inversion of Control using MEF, Castle, or Unity
  • Service Oriented Architecture using WCF or NService Bus
  • Persistence and ORM using NHibernate or Entity Framework
  • Web Infrastructure using ASP MVC
  • Advanced UI design using WPF, Silverlight, or HTML
  • Automated Quality Assurance using Microsoft Test Unit Testing framework and Telerik JustMock
  • Automated Builds and Continuous Integration

Alobria Systems is an Agile development shop, and it shows. Since Product Owner feedback is a critical part of the Agile methodology, we adapt our process to meet your needs. If you like frequent updates and want to see the status of your project each week, we can implement 1 week sprints. If you are too busy for a weekly 1 hour meeting to plan the next sprint, we can extend our sprints to 2 weeks.

Note that just because you prefer a 2 week sprint does not mean you get out of touch. You can call your Technical Project Manager at any time to get a status update or discuss the project.

This strict adherence to the Agile methodologies means that you are always aware of what we are working on and the progress we are making. It also means that if your business requirements change mid-project and you want to cut a feature or add a new one, we can adapt easily and quickly. Our entire process is designed to ensure you get everything you need out of your experience working with us.