Teaching Legacy Migration Worldwide

When faced with modernizing a legacy system it’s difficult to know where to start.  A different set of skills is needed to get you from here to there.  Your team is good, they just need a roadmap.  That is where we can help.  

After our training class, your team will have a step by step map of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  They can start weaving modernization tasks into their normal sprints starting the first day after class.  As the project progresses you will see gradual improvements in feature release time, code quality, and developer moral.

We have 2 classes, depending on where you are in the modernization process.


Adding features to a legacy application does not have to be that hard.  If you are suffering through unusually long feature release times, or bugs fixes that cause even more problems, you are working with an architecture that is no longer sufficient for its responsibilities.

Over time, a system architecture can age and decay as features are added and technology progresses.  Infrastructure that was good enough yesterday can drag you down today.

Fortunately, this does not mean the system has to be rewritten.  You can inject the proper structure now without taking the system down or suffering any outages.

Our Architecture Update Training is designed for experienced developers who are supporting a legacy application that is showing its age.  Your developers will learn how to address all the problems that come with an aging legacy application, like tight coupling, lack of unit tests, and difficulty in updates and deployment.  This is a deeply technical course with many code samples to take back to the office and begin using immediately. 

  • Dependency Inversion

  • Service Oriented Architecture

  • Unit Testing

  • Mocking in Unit Tests

  • Repositories

  • Updating ASP Classic and Webforms

Get your application back on track!

We offer this class in 2 different formats to suit your needs


Onsite training for your team so they can get to work immediately. Five intense days of hands-on practical training.

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Our instructor comes to your office to work with your developers face-to-face to answer questions directly, look at sample code, and interact with your team to give a more complete understanding of the material.   Each day includes intense training mixed with hands-on exercises and Q&A so your team gets the most out of their time investment.


Training class plus 4 weeks of support to help your team implement everything they have learned.

help implementing what you learn

This course provides the same quality training classes as the 1 week course, but they are taught one day per week over a span of 4 weeks, and include 10 hours per week of consulting to help your team implement the changes immediately.  This helps developers internalize the material, and get past the inevitable bumps in the road as they make the necessary changes. 

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Legacy monolith applications get unwieldy as they grow beyond their initial purpose.  Even if a system was well designed when it was first released, bug fixes and feature requests will morph and change the structure until it becomes a mix of many different ideas and business areas.

This class will demonstrate how to pull specific ideas out of legacy code and migrate them to well designed domains that can be maintained more easily.  Your developers will learn a set of heuristics to apply to their application that will allow them to convert any legacy application to a well-designed domain, all while also encapsulating it in a microservice that is easy to deploy and update. 

  • Choosing a Domain
  • Isolating a Domain
  • Extracting the Domain
  • Domain Microservice Creation
  • Deployment Issues
  • Ongoing Maintenance