Your Application

 – But Easier to Manage

Maintaining on-premise applications involves a lot more work than just development.  Operating system patches, hardware problems, security vulnerabilities are all extra costs you need to worry about when host your own apps.  Now add the cost of the floor space for the server room itself, electricity, cooling system, fire suppression system, and it quickly adds up to the cost of a few FTEs.

Moving self hosted applications to the cloud is cost effective.  It’s also easy to do if you have the proper assistance.

End to End Migration Services

From the initial system evaluation to the technical aspects of Azure Cloud hosting, our migration team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are met and your systems are never down.  Dependable, timely Azure Cloud migrations; that’s our promise.

“Alobria Systems is thorough, detail-oriented, and innovative when coming up with an appropriate solution to a problem. As a published author and speaker, and an authority on the subject of .NET his demeanor and professionalism compliments his vast knowledge of how .NET integrates with other systems. Brad delivers on time and in scope. I would not hesitate to call on them again.”

“Alobria Systems produced some excellent work in development of new functionality; they were very thorough in the requirements gathering portion and were regularly in contact through the development process. They were were a pleasure to work with. Their PM has a good sense of humor and shows a comfort working with clients.”

James Stevens, Hedgerow Software Ltd.

“Brad Irby from Alobria is both a resourceful and knowledgeable CTO. When Brad was first hired as the CTO of Decade Software, he took charge of a situation where both quality and predictability in our software were in need of serious improvement. Our overall quality and development processes significantly improved under Brad’s watch, and I hold in high regard his capabilities and proven track record”

Joe Ebright, US Script

“Brad is a great organizer, speaker, and thought leader of the .Net user group. Brad speaks several times a year to the group, typically on cutting edge topics, staying far ahead of the curve. His experience and inquisitiveness show through in conversation, presentations, and general debate.”

Clayton Peddy, Terrace Software

“Brad is a dynamic CTO. Our management team was consistently impressed with Brad’s vision and ability to execute. Our customers directly benefitted from his work, which led to an increase in sales and existing client retention. Brad has positioned our software and company well for future success with the quality of his work, management skills and vision.”

David Fedoronko, Financial Navigator