Project Description

Property Tax Management System

Application for Public Use to Disseminate Info on County Property Taxes

Project Overview

During the real estate crash of 2007, the county of San Mateo (and many other counties around the country) were experiencing a fast drop in the value of properties.  Since county revenues were driven mainly by property taxes, this drop in values was affecting the budgets of many of the cities and townships in the county.  The treasurers of the various governments would call the county tax collector every few days to see what the latest budget numbers were for the county.  This quickly became difficult to manage so the county decided to build a website that would calculate the net property values and publish them each day.


We designed and built a system that would take a data feed each night and process the numbers to produce budget numbers for all of the different entities in the county.  The calculations were quite complex because each entity could get their funds from a different part of the county, and sometimes these parts would overlap.

This page was available to the county treasurers, as well as the general public.

Technical Details

Due to the large amount of calculations that needed to be done, and the fact that the data was only updated nightly, not continuously during the day, we designed a system that would process and calculate the numbers each night in a batch job that was scheduled to run on the SQL server.  This job would look in a specific place on the network where an AS400 would dump some data for pickup.

Each night the data for the application would be wiped clean and recreated from scratch to ensure that all the data was correct and up to date.


Provided Fast Access to Data for Outside Departments

The different county entities that needed this information for budgeting purposes were updated much more quickly once this system was put into place, thus freeing them of the burden of having to call the treasurer each day for an update.