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Enhance an Existing System

Make updates to your existing app without changing your technology stack.  You CAN add new features without the risk and drama of a migration.

Don’t throw away your investment just because it’s not quite up to the task.  We can enhance an existing Classic ASP system using the original VB script so you don’t have to invest in a full rewrite.  There is no need to dedicate your team to the large and complicated task of a rewrite.

Focus your development team’s attention on enhancing other internal systems while we take care of updating the legacy.


Saved in Wasted Time

Our system enhancements can be as large or small as you need.  They are completely custom so you only pay for what you need.

We will meet with you and your team to discuss requirements, testing, integration with other systems, and timeline.  Once we agree with you on a plan, our team can either work independently to get the job done, or temporarily integrate into your in-house team.  Either way, we will have standard 2 week sprints where you will be updated every step of the way.  All new features will have full test coverage, and we can back-fill legacy code with tests if you wish. We can either use your CI-CD pipeline or create a new one if  you don’t have one in place.

You will have full visibility into project progress, from start to finish.  We know how delicate legacy systems can be so we don’t touch anything without prior approval.

Due to the fragility and unpredictability of legacy enhancement projects, these are billed in time and materials.

  • Full unit test coverage of all new code, with optional backfilling of unit tests for existing code.

  • 2 week sprints with the Product Manager (you) in the room during planning.  You will know what we’re doing every step of the way.

  • Whatever bug and feature tracker you use, we can use that also.  If you don’t have one in place, we will bring our own.

  • We can work alongside your existing team or form a team of our own.

  • We understand how fragile and unpredictable legacy systems can be so we only update what is necessary.

Our services

Other services we offer


Keep the system up and running reliably.  No changes, no hassles, no worries.


If Classic ASP really cannot handle the load we can migrate it to .NET.