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Ongoing System Maintenance

Do you really want your people to have to learn ASP Classic and IIS 6.0?

We can handle all necessary system maintenance so you can meet your SLA’s without having to train internal people on old technology.

Azure, AWS, Google, or on premise.  Your Choice!


Worry Free Management
Old and out of date systems are difficult to maintain, but that doesn’t mean they are not valuable.

Your team does not want to work on them, it’s time consuming to find people with experience in old technologies, and modern tools and frameworks are less and less likely to easily interact with the legacy apps.

Sometimes the solution is to stop all enhancements and put the app into maintenance mode.  If the system is doing its job and there are no enhancements needed this could be the best plan.  If you don’t have the internal technical expertise you need to manage things, we can help you with that.

Our System Maintenance Plan is a flat monthly fee and includes these services

  • Operating system maintenance and security patches for any Windows OS

  • MS SQL (any version) Management, patches, and backups with remote storage

  • IIS management and maintenance

  • Application management and maintenance

  • Any DevOps work necessary to keep the application running smoothly

Our services

Other services we offer


When the system works well but needs a few tweaks for optimum efficiency.


If Classic ASP really cannot handle the load we can migrate it to .NET.